EPI-Polytec Industrial Engineering

At the interface between engineering sciences, economics, human and social sciences, Industrial Engineering provides a global vision on the work of the engineer in the company.

Training in Industrial Engineering, aims to educate innovative, responsive, and efficient engineers who are able to lead interdisciplinary projects and find solutions to problems encountered in the industrial world.

Industrial engineers design, install and manage integrated systems of production of goods and services while aiming at the optimal utilization of human resources and machinery to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability of industrial operations.

Their knowledge of the process approach allows them to be partners in the management of the company as quality managers. This skill can be extended to the integration of safety and environmental aspects in the very current framework of IMS (Integrated Management Systems) or QSE Systems (Quality, Safety, Environment).

As part of the process of providing new services and ideas, they are competent partners with research departments to ensure that the customers’ needs and quality requirements are taken into account, and that the legal and regulatory requirements are met.

They are also skilled in various trades involving quality of the process of offer completion: purchases quality, product quality control, and the management of customer satisfaction and industrial optimization…


  • Analyse de la valeur
  • Analyse numérique
  • Anglais 1
  • Anglais 2
  • Bases de données
  • Comptabilité managériale
  • Conception des systèmes industriels
  • Econométrie
  • Economie pour le GI
  • Entreprises et marchés
  • Excel avancé
  • Français 1
  • Français 2
  • Gestion industrielle
  • Informatique industrielle
  • Infrastructure logistique industrielle
  • Mathématiques
  • Mécanique des fluides
  • Métrologie et Instrumentation
  • PPE
  • Probabilités et statistiques
  • Procédés industriels
  • Sciences des matériaux
  • SI en Automatique
  • SI en Mécanique

  • Analyse des données
  • Anglais 3
  • Anglais 4
  • DAO en ingénierie
  • Energies renouvenables
  • Ergonomie
  • Gestion de la maintenance
  • Gestion de la production
  • Gestion des stocks
  • GMAO
  • GPAO
  • Implantation d’ateliers
  • Ingénierie de la qualité
  • Machines électriques
  • Machines thermiques
  • Management des systèmes d’info
  • Management Environnemental
  • Modes de transport
  • PFA
  • Procédés de fabrication par usinage
  • Recherche opérationnelle
  • Sûreté des installations industrielles
  • Systèmes énergétiques
  • Techniques de communication 1
  • Techniques de communication 2
  • Transferts thermiques

  • GRH
  • Droit du travail
  • Entrepreneuriat
  • ERP Odoo
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Management de la R&D et innovation
  • Management des projets
  • Modèles stochastiques
  • Simulation des systèmes de production
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Techniques d’organisation des services
  • Théorie de la décision
  • PFE