EPI-Business School Internships


Internships are intrinsically needed for the educational process of each students. They are mandatory too.

L’EPI-Business Schoolpays special attention for their development.

Training courses are sub-divided into three categories :

  • The introduction to entrepreneurship training: This category concerns the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.
  • Professional Internships (They aim at developing projects related to the student’s field of study) : the second category concerns the 1th year master students.
  • EPS Internships (the trainee should put into practice the competence learnt throughout his/her educational process to fulfill a project that would allow him/her to delve into the professional life) : During the 6th semester of licence degree, the student is to spend a 3-month training course in a company.

The project must answer a need that the host company demands.

The refresher and PES internship must be accomplished with a written report submitted to the jury members.
Throughout the training period, EPI- Business School leads and supports its students. It provides them with an internship service which facilitates the coordination between the departments and the host company.