Admission to EPI-Business School Entrance Examination

1- Dates of the Admission Sessions

  You can register and join EPI Group for the new academic year.

  Registrations are now open for all.

  Opting for EPI Group will not happen by chance since you will join a leading group in its field .It always ensures that its students have the best in terms of training, infrastructure and fulfillment.

You can now submit your registration files.


 *Registrations are still open for those who missed our admission sessions.

2- Choice of the Course (= School + training + Field of study)

The schools of the EPI Group offer a wide range of courses  : Prep, Engineering, Architecture, Bachelor, Bachelor and Master. These courses cover several specialties .

Choose the school , the Training and The Field of study that meet your goals and fit your professional project consultant plans of studies available on our website.

3- Application Form

Candidates for entrance examination to the Integrated Preparatory Course or Engineering course can submit their applications to the school, send it by mail (download Registration Forms) or register online.

4- Entrance Examination

Selection is made via application (results and score EPI) followed by a motivational interview with a board of examiners.

The calculation of the EPI score takes into account the average of the baccalaureate (Experimental sciences, Mathematics, and IT.), the marks obtained in languages and scientific subjects.

Motivational interviewing , lasting 20 to 30 minutes, will be devoted to general knowledge questions and issues relating to the candidate’s motivation, his future project and extracurricular activities.

Motivational interviewing aims to confirm the items measured in the record and check the level of general knowledge of the candidate, his language skills (French / English), his potential and his ability to adapt to a new environment and to pursue his future studies.

5- Notification of Exam Results

A ranking of candidates will be made based on the number of available seats.

Candidates will be notified by e-mail of the results that will be also posted at the EPI.