EPI-Language Center

The EPI Group has a “Language and Personal Development Center“. This center provides language courses in: French, English, and German for specialists.

The objective of the Language and Personal Development Center is to train students in high-level specialist languages and to offer a personal development training that accompanies the Language learning process.

  • Provide Language courses tailored to specific needs (French, English, German specialized) as well as the techniques of expression and communication skills through coaching.
  • Prepare and train for the TOEIC test.
  • Organize regular socio-cultural events that reinforce language and communication skills.
  • Preparing students for autonomy and adaptability for their future professional integration is a plus that the EPI Group offers its students. This is ensured through coaching that facilitates the learning of foreign languages and helps to carry out a project or promotes integration in a multicultural context.
  • Develop teaching tools suitable for different needs.
  • Contribute to the development of international mobility and exchanges.

New partnership and cooperation agreement between the British Council and EPI Educational Group.

The agreement offers new profits to both students and teachers:

  • Grouping students by proficiency level on the basis of the APTIS Test becomes part of our modern teaching pedagogy .
  • Take all International exams : IELTS, Cambridge …for UK visas and immigration
  • IELTS Preparation for all our students.
  • Include the IELTS program in the pedagogical schedule of all 4th and 3rd Year students ( 4th Year engineering, 3rd Year Bachelor ).
  • English teachers can also benefit from the agreement: Teachers’ training.

Partnership agreement between Gallery Teachers.

(UK based global network made up of EFL teachers, language professionals, schools and institutions) and EPI Educational Group. Students will benefit from :

  • Special prices for studying Business, General and technical English abroad (UK, USA, CANADA, GERMANY ,etc…) and special discounts of 10% on summer courses at UK and other countries.
  • Study trips to London.
  • Trainings and workshops by professional Native speakers of the Language.
  • English Language Certification.
  • Exchange programs.

The Language Lab & English software:

  • A master console in the teacher’s position to monitor and control the student’s work.
  • Sound-recording device.
  • The ability to work independently .
  • Record ,compare and listen.
  • Interactive teaching and learning .
  • Online preparation for International Tests: TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS..
  • Headsets with microphones.
  • Listening and speaking activities.
  • self-assessment.
  • Direct evaluation of the classroom .

English Clubs and activities :

EPI Debaters: English club for debating and discussing different topics to improve students’ public skills and their communication in English.
EPI English Masters: English club for foreign students and beginners to boost their English.

The EPI Language Center gives about 2786 hours of courses per year and has more than 10 teachers. It also offers its students a language laboratory that adds to the richness of the authentic resources of these courses.