EPI-Polytec   Internships

Types of Internships

Internships are intrinsically needed in an engineer’s education.

L’EPI-Polytechas, hence, paid attention to their development.

During the training period, students improve their personal qualities. They learn how to work in teams and create projects all of which must be valid.


Training courses are sub-divided into three categories:

  • The introduction to entrepreneurship training : This category concerns the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.
  • Professional Internships (they aim at developing projects related to the student’s field of study) : the second category concerns the 4th year students.
  • EPS Internships (the trainee should put into practice the competence learnt throughout his/her educational process to fulfill a project that would allow him/her to delve into the professional life) : this category concerns the 5th year students.

The EPS as well as the refresher training should be accomplished with a written report that is presented and submitted to the jury members.

Throughout the internship period, EPI- Polytec leads and supports its students. It provides them with an internship service which facilitates the coordination between the departments and the host company.

For further information, contact Mrs. Nawel Karmeni

The validation of Internships

All training courses must be validated.

Thus, each student must refer back to the schooling service to get:

  • An index card (downloaded from the menu « Forms of internships »)
  • A certificate of internship obtained from the company and duly filled and signed.
  • The logbook of internship duly filled by the supervisor.
  • The Internship report which has the EPI-Polytec cover page (It should be downloaded from « Forms of Internships ») in two copies and a scanned one.