EPI-Business School  Bachelor of Accounting

This undergraduate degree aims at equipping students with the latest accounting and auditing skills to prepare them launch a successful career in accounting or auditing.
On completion of this programme, graduates can pursue a career in the following areas:
• Financial and Management Accounting
• Internal Auditor
• Technological Entrepreneur
Management Principles I
Financial Accounting I
Introduction to Law
Micro Economics
Mathematics I: Analysis
ICT Skills I
Financial Mathematics
Management Principles II
Financial Accounting II
Macro Economics
Descriptive Statistics and Probability
Mathematics II (Algebra)
English 1
ICT Skills II
Commercial Companies Law
Intermediate Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Sociocultural activity
Communication Technics 1
Personnel Development 1
Business Law
Business Economics
Intermediate Accounting 2
Internal Control
VAT and consumption tax
Internship report preparation
English 2
Personnel Development 2
Corporate law
Advanced Accounting
Conceptual framework and presentation of financial statements
Control Management
Internship Report Defense
Business English
Career preparation
Accounting Information System
Business Valuation
International Accounting : IFRS
Financial decisions
Workshop & Thesis Preparation
Communication Technics 2
Accounting Software
Comptabilité sectorielle
Business Creation STARTUP