EPI-Business School Bachelor in marketing

The Bachelor of Marketing provides a versatile qualification focused on all aspects of marketing as a modern and dynamic profession. Areas of study covered include consumer behavior, direct marketing and marketing channels. Students will acquire skills that help them get jobs in areas such as general marketing, sales, product management, retailing, marketing research and advertising.
Management Principles I
Financial Accounting I
Introduction to Law
Micro Economics
Mathematics I: Analysis
ICT Skills I
Financial Mathematics
Management Principles II
Financial Accounting II
Macro Economics
Descriptive Statistics and Probability
Mathematics II (Algebra)
English 1
ICT Skills II
Commercial Companies Law
Fundamentals of Management
Managerial Accounting
Fundamentals of Marketing
Sociocultural activity
Communication Technics 1
Personnel Development 1
Fundamentals of HRM
Financial diagnosis
Product Management
Internship report preparation
English 2
Personnel Development 2
Capital market and securities analysis
Marketing Strategy and Planning
Product and Price Management
Marketing Research
Consumer behavior
Internship Report Defense
Business English
Career Preparation
Business Law
Marketing Services
Distribution Management
Marketing Communication
Marketing Data Analysis
Workshop & Thesis Preparation
Communication Technics 2
Web marketing
Digital Marketing
Quality Management