EPI-Business School Bachelor in Production and logistics

With a Bachelor’s degree in Production and Logistics you know how to find the best possible technical and business solutions and how to plan and implement corporate processes accordingly. You have the ability to look beyond the boundaries of individual departments and coordinate their respective interests.
Management Principles I
Financial Accounting I
Introduction to Law
Micro Economics
Mathematics I: Analysis
ICT Skills I

Optional courses I:
Institutional environment for business
Fundamentals of Market Structure

Optional courses II:
Project Management
Psycho-sociology of organizations

Management Principles II
Financial Accounting II
Macro Economics
Descriptive Statistics and Probability
Mathematics II (Algebra)
ICT Skills II

Optional courses I:
Business organizations
Organizational behavior

Optional courses II:
Industrial economics
Information Systems and Databases

Production management
Operational research
Inferential statistics
Supply chain management
Business Law
ICT skills 3

Optional courses I:
Purshasing Management
Audit of Procurement practices

Optional courses II:
Quality Systems Documentation
Integrated Logistics

Supply Management
Quality management
Management Control
Standardization and certification
Automation Basics
Personal development

Optional courses I:
Production planning and control
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems ( CMMS)

Optional courses II:
Value analysis

Just in Time (JIT)

Statistical quality control
Marketing and Production
Project management
Quality methods and tools
Quality Audit
Personal development

Optional courses I:
Piloting workshops

Optional courses II:
Quantitative Management Techniques
Career preparation

Internship (3 months)