EPI-Business School Bachelor in Finance

Bachelor of Finance program is designed to provide graduates with high-level skills in both the specialized field of banking and finance and the general field of business management.
Graduates will be capable of pursuing careers in areas such as banking & financial services, funds management, treasury, financial markets and wealth management.
Management Principles I
Financial Accounting I
Introduction to Law
Micro Economics
Mathematics I: Analysis
ICT Skills I
Financial Mathematics
Management Principles II
Financial Accounting II
Macro Economics
Descriptive Statistics and Probability
Mathematics II (Algebra)
English 1
ICT Skills II
Commercial Companies Law
Fundamentals of Management
Managerial Accounting
Fundamentals of Marketing
Sociocultural activity
Communication Technics 1
Personnel Development 1
Fundamentals of HRM
Financial diagnosis
Product Management
Internship report preparation
English 2
Personnel Development 2
Capital market and securities analysis
International Finance
Financial Institutions Management
Portfolio Management
Internship Report Defense
English 3
Career Preparation
General Insurance Techniques
Financial Engineering
Financial Policies
Mangement Control
Workshop & Thesis Preparation
Communication Technics 2
FOREX Software
Derivates and Risk Management
Islamic Finance