EPI-Business School MASTER IN «E-Management»

The “E-Management” Master is oriented towards the digitization of the business environment; an exponentially growing field worldwide.
We prepare professionals able to pilot and support the technological development of organizations.
In this Master , you will learn :

  • – Fundamental techniques of the strategic development of organizations based on the electronic management (administration, marketing, trade, etc.)
  • – Skills and knowledge needed to evaluate, manage and improve the operational functions of an organization.
  • – Market analysis capabilities via the integration of designing system and developing products & services systems .
Strategic Management
Strategic Management Of Human Resources
Simulation In Finance
Strategic Planning And Financial Monitoring
Governance And Information System
Audit Information System
Technical Project Management
Business Games
Business English 1
Management Of Virtual Communities

Innovation Management
E-Business And Webmarketing
Digital Entrepreneurship
Digital Technologies
Operation Systems & Networks
Electronic Business Law
Creation And Technological Innovation
Licence And Industrial Properties
Security Of Information Systems
Business English 2
Managerial Intelligence
Team Management
Mounting A Computer Project
Business Models In Digital
Marketing Strategic
New Marketing Trends
Overview Of The Ict Market
Dashboard And Reporting
Knowledge Management
Data Analysis And Applied Software
Methodology Seminar
Internship, Report And Internship Defence