EPI-Business School MSC in Customer Relationship Management

Increasing stress of competition and rapidly changing customer demands represent new challenges for enterprises. For this reason a professional management of customer relationship is an inevitable requirement to reach the corporate objectives and to rest competitive.
Thanks to the strongly application-oriented approach of the programme graduates will be enabled to work in national and international enterprises especially in the areas of corporate management, marketing, market analysis, service and distribution, E-Business, data management or business process engineering.

Corporate strategy
Human resources management
Consumer’s behavior
Commercial negotiating
Trade Marketing
Labor law and collective agreements
Interpersonal communication
Business English
Distribution and Logistics
Supply chain management
E-Commerce and Virtual Enterprise
IT Management
Distributor Strategy
International distribution
Communication of the distribution
Procurement and Supply Management
Advertising and promotion of mass-market products
Direct marketing
Quality management (products and services)
Data analysis
Leadership and Coaching
Dynamics of cross-functional teams and Team Building
Management of franchise networks
Private label management
Category management
Marketing Strategy
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Interactive Marketing
Audit and control of distribution networks
Management and animation of distribution networks
Conferences, lectures and synthesis cases
Workshop Business Plan
Business games (Simulation)