EPI-Business School MSc in Financial Engineering

The Master in Financial Engineering at EPI is a Master’s degree that will enable you to develop new skills and enhance your knowledge in the corporate finance and market field.

Actually, the financial engineering field meets a very high demand in the labor market ,that is why specializing in this area of study will open the door for more job opportunities.

Once you graduate, you can successfully integrate into financial and banking institutions and get the position of : Head of credits in a bank, Financial analyst in a research and consulting firm, Stockbroker,  General insurance agent, or Executive and Financial manager in companies.

Thanks to our new Trading Room, training in financial engineering at the EPI Business School becomes a harmonious amalgamation of the practice and the theory. This room provides the opportunity for students to connect directly to The International Stock Market and to undertake a special training in Trading.


Financial Markets Economics
Corporate Finance
Financial Analysis
Business Law
Business English
Business Organisation And Professional Relations
Management Of Derivatives
Managemnet And Strategies
Financing International Trade Transcations
Accounting For Financial Institutions
Portfolio Management
International Finance
Econometrics And Statistics Applied To Finance
Tic : Software And Software Packages
Islamic Finance
Insurance Management
Business Governance
Business Assessment
Derivatives Markets
Financial Analysis
Financial Engineering And Balance Sheet Operations
Companies In Trouble : Diagnosis , Forcasting Methods And Recovery
Tic : Software And Software Packages 2
Alm : Asset And Liability Management
Bank Management
Marketing Of Financial Products And Services
Microstructure And Financial Markets Organization
Internship, Report And Internship Defence