The “trophée du LIBRE” was held on Saturday, February 14th, 2015 at the EPI, by the club Univers Libre. The reason for this event is to spread the culture of the Free and to motivate the community of the free in Tunisia.

This first national day focused on two different themes: the first was a conference held by the Founder of the Free Software Foundation, the free software movement and also the initiator of the GNU project in 1983: Richard Stallman, better known under the pseudo RMS . The second theme was a competition to reward the best Association / Club / Community that supports the Free in Tunisia according to the criteria of RMS.

Teachers, students and even enthusiasts attended this conference which was the first of a series organized in Tunisia. The subjects covered were numerous: freedom, ethics, the GNU system, the Linux kernel, sharing, copyright, etc.


In order to initiate and encourage students to launch their own projects and in order to facilitate their access to the labor market, the EPI Group organizes each year an “Entrepreneurship Day” which takes place in February.

Groups of students who are in the final stages of developing their business plans will have the opportunity to present their projects to a board of examiners made up of institutional managers. A special prize will be awarded to the holder of the best project and a promise of accommodation to the EPI business incubator will be proposed.

The day will be enriched by the intervention of entrepreneurs and professionals who will share their knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and talk about their experiences in setting up businesses with our students.

During this day we organize a “business forum”, ie a reverse job market where companies represented at the school with a booth will have the opportunity to recruit on the spot or Get in touch with students who want to apply for internships or for positions in these companies.


The EPI organizes every year the EPI Challenge . This is a 24 hour non-stop mobile and web development challenge. This event is marked by a series of lectures on developments in development. The event is open to all students from Tunisia. A jury composed of Tunisian experts will evaluate the different applications developed. 9 grand prizes will be awarded to the winning teams.


The EPI Group hosts an annual event entitled “Printemps de la solidarité” in Sousse, following an initiative of the Association Solidarité Internationale Sans Frontières (ASISF).

The festival is not only  an opportunity to reveal the artistic talents of the students of the EPI through a series of dance, singing and theatrical scenes but also a chance to introduce to our guests the different Cultures of the world through parades in traditional outfits and an area for tasting international dishes. The success of the Spring of Solidarity in Sousse in its last editions suggests that this is an important event that deserves to become an annual regional event to liven up the city of Sousse.