The EPI Champions’ Prize

22 Aug The EPI Champions’ Prize

Our students of the Information Technology Department were rewarded in the « Startup Pirates » National Competition that was held in Tunis. It took place after the Forum « Tunisia E-Learning Hackathon » held at ISET University of Sousse on the 1st and 2nd of March 2017.

In a week, our pirates delved into the Startup world. Developing and promoting the onset of a new business corporation idea was their search mission.

After 7 days of hard work, their efforts were fruitful as our champions ranked first nationally. This superior title offered them the benefit of being qualified for the International Championship which took place on the 2nd of May, 2017 in Morocco.

We congratulate our students AzzenAbidi and Nabil Kriden for all their efforts, we are really proud of them.Your school will always be your support and assistance in your path.